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The search for Happiness

Many people quite reasonably assume when all life's boxes are ticked (career, home, investment property, cars, family, holidays, early retirement plan, etc.) that happiness should logically follow. Frequently these are individuals whom at the outset appear to "have it made", or at least be well on their way with regard to their life plan. Invariably they seem wealthy and successful - ostensibly representing the "ideal".

However, it is now becoming increasingly commonplace at this practice to have patients/clients talk about symptoms comprising a vague emptiness, or a dull dissatisfaction with their lives. Not a clinical depression, far from it in fact, but more an insipid gnawing, a nagging if you will; a sense of something being missing; that the last piece of the jigsaw eludes them.

Accordingly, just as they might seek professional help if another aspect of life was not quite right/satisfactory, such as their golf swing needing attention, or if the electrical wiring system in the house was playing up; many are now deciding to take that first step towards happiness, freedom, and a genuine sense of satisfaction; via Counselling or Psychotherapy.

The adoption of an Integrated approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy, allows us to blend a variety of techniques simultaneously within a single framework. It also means that we can offer you a choice of either short-term or long-term therapy solutions. As a result, we are able to tailor our services to match your individual needs and requirements much more closely than any single traditional form of therapy would allow.

Counselling and/or Psychotherapy are a process which allows you to talk about your feelings and concerns, within a confidential and supportive environment. It does not involve advice, labelling or judgement. Instead, it provides you with an opportunity to gain insight into your present situation, feelings and behaviour. As a consequence, you will be able to make a clear and informed choice about your future options in life.

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